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46  Date: 2007-10-01 00:14:23
Joe Harper ( jharper12@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

Was with the 71st 1963=65 was a Mech 5 on launch crew at Rittersdorf, Capt Keene was launch officer, I remember Kaesburg, Handy Mech 1 and 2 if any of the folks who were there give me jiggle.

45  Date: 2007-09-30 19:58:05
waylon r. quigley ( waylonq@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed at hahn from 1956 to 1968 in the 69th tms and 586th tms.

44  Date: 2007-08-16 17:55:43
Ken Bozeman ( kbozeman@bellsouth.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was at Hahn from 1965-1966 on site 5&6 as tech 1. The crew was Capt Love, Sgt. Batterton and Frank Barone. I now live on the Isle of Palms, SC near Charleston,SC.

43  Date: 2007-08-10 03:24:44
Ron Golden ( goldenri@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was a Controls Tech. on the Matador in Osan, Korea from March 1960 to April 1961. I worked in the calibration section in the hangar next to the 310th Squadron office. Then I returned to Orlando AFB until I go discharged in August 1962.

42  Date: 2007-08-08 16:51:01
Donald Brockman ( don_korea@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

FYI - 1985 saw the rebirth of the 38TMW at Hahn AB then on to Wuescheim AB; 96 BGM109 missiles, 6 Flights; and hundreds of men an women who fired one of the last salvos of the cold war before victory. Wuecheim closed down in 1991 or so. B-Flight Bad to the Bone

41  Date: 2007-07-22 19:32:59
Richard Golby ( rgolby@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was with AACS @ Hahn from Dec 56 to Dec 59. Iknew several guys in the 586th who used to frequent a Gasthaus in Hasslebach. I was aware of the Matador sites while stationed there though not a frequent visitor. And also Metro Tango. The Launch pads at Wuscheim are still in place as of May 2007.The Hundheim GLCM site is obviously still there, but it is a Rock Concert Faciltiy now. Metro Tango is a huge Re-cycling Plant now.
I have a folder of pictures taken in 2004 of the GLCM complex before the Rock Committee modified it.

40  Date: 2007-05-31 05:20:21
joe rose ( relay122@charter.net / no homepage) wrote:

served at osan afb korea 1958-9 on matadore nissille
guidence boxes and f 80 jet airplane testing...
sent to cape kennedy(now) from 1959-60 and continued
work on newer mace missille assigned to martin company while serving in air force

39  Date: 2007-04-13 02:06:17
Buford J. Wilson ( bbjwilson@peoplepc.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was at Sembach in 1961-1963

38  Date: 2007-03-23 16:51:02
Duane D Thys ( barber41@peoplepc.com / no homepage) wrote:

Worked in orderly room 38th material sq. l96l. Sq
split into 38th transportation and 38th Supply I think in l962. I went with supply. Rotated back to states in Oct 1963. I have only found memories of Sembach.

37  Date: 2007-02-21 00:54:28
Joseph M. Contrady ( jmcontrady@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Was stationed at Hahn from '64-'67. 50th Air Police Sqdn. Missile Security

36  Date: 2007-02-17 16:56:03
Claude M. Faulkner ( cfaulkner6@nc.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

Was station at Hahn AFB in the 586 Missle maintenance sqdn. from 1962 to 1965 would like to hear from any old friends.

35  Date: 2007-01-16 23:30:15
Jeff Close ( jlclose@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am signing this for my dad, Max Close, who was a Tech Rep for Martin Company. We were in Bitburg in 55/56 with the Matador, Alamogordo, Orlando AFB, Sembach and Hahn. The site brought many fond memories.

34  Date: 2006-11-26 15:35:55
Frank Roales ( flroales@charter.net / no homepage) wrote:

“Black Hatter” (permanent party, 4504th support squadron) at Orlando 1959/1961 Main responsibility MM1 maintenance. Would really like to hear from any other Support squadron folks form that time. Best time of my military hitch in Orlando, rode a black BMW motorcycle all over central Flordia with my buddy Tom Shaffer who worked on the "birds" for support squadren.

33  Date: 2006-11-11 21:35:42
Dan Fiorillo ( dfiorillo@verizon.net / no homepage) wrote:

Stationed from June 63 to June 65 at the 38th TMW, Sembach as crew chief (AIC) in the MACE Missile Guidance Shop. Also troubleshot Guidance System failures at the launch sites when they did away with the Goodyear Tech Reps.
Later reassigned Atlas Missile program at Patrick AFB prior to ending my military tour (4years 1 month).
Had Great times at Sembach, of course Lowry (Denver), Orlando and Cape Kennedy weren't bad assignments either. Still remember Sgt's. Taylor, Bailey, and Anderson. Hopefully they are all well enjoying retirement.
Best to all my friends who were stationed at Sembach AB.

32  Date: 2006-10-29 16:33:02
Joe (scratchy) Newton ( joernewton@worldnet.att.net / no homepage) wrote:

Think often of the people at Hahn 1961-65. Best wishes to all!

31  Date: 2006-10-26 02:27:22
Gene Lambert ( gene@lambert.net / no homepage) wrote:

Sim Missle Pilot at Hahn and Sembach

30  Date: 2006-10-25 19:01:07
rodney max ausmus-tex ( jenimax@frontienet.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was at bab from1958 to 1961 was a good time iwill be moveing to hugo okla my pn/ 580 326 9439

29  Date: 2006-10-21 10:15:42
Robert Silvia ( robeil2@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

71st TMS crew member from 64-66,Bitburg.

28  Date: 2006-10-16 03:30:13
Bernie Ganshert, Msgt. Ret. ( ganshertbm@gpcom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Great site brings back lots of memories, plus new info. I was in site maint. at Sembach at the end, 65 & 66. Was on the crew that tore everything down & shipped it out. Came back to Sembach, 601 TAC Control Group 76 to 79.

27  Date: 2006-10-05 04:38:06
John E. Fisher ( johnemfish@cox.net / no homepage) wrote:

I'm really glad to find this website. I was stationed at Site 5, at Hahn, from Jan. '64 to they closed the squadron in late '66. Love every minute of the assignment.

26  Date: 2006-09-25 16:44:52
Anne Golembeski, SMSgt, retired ( no email / http://www.usafnukes.com) wrote:

I just read a letter to the editor of Stars and Stripes from Fred Horky, USAF retired. He stated he was with a MACE site in Germany. Doing some quick research I came across this site. I am the president of the AF Nuclear Weapons Technician's Association and an old Lowry Instructor from 80 - 83. Please visit our web site. We're always looking for folks who worked in the nuclear mission. We're not just missileers but we welcome one and all. Great site.

25  Date: 2006-09-03 20:26:47
John W. Cook, SMSgt, USAF, Retired ( CGM13B@cookieman.org / no homepage) wrote:

Did two tours with the Mace. First as an Air Policeman at "C" Fight, Grunstadt, 1960-1963. Cross-trained to Mace Crew Chief in 1964. PCS'd to Kadena in 1965, working on Crew 24, Site 3. Finished my tour in the 498th working in Mission Planning. Life after Okinawa included tours with Minuteman at Malmstrom and SRAM at Plattsburgh. Retired out of SAC/LGWS in 1977.

24  Date: 2006-08-21 00:52:28
Donald R Hess, Msgt (USAF RET) ( Macemissle@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was part of the origional "C" Flight, Grunstadt. Stationed at Sembach 1959 to 1963. Back to Orlando as an Instructor in "A" bird until 1967. Went to Okinawa in 1967 with "B" bird for 18 months and then to Lowry. Helped decommission "B" bird at Lowry and went to F-111 Computer test station repair. Great career, kind of miss comradship we had.

23  Date: 2006-08-15 00:05:38
thomas j. dowdell ( tdowdell1@cfl.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was a dependent at sembach afb 1956-57, attended Kaiserslautern American H.S. Joined the U.S.A.F in 57,stationed at sembach 1959 -1961 Had a great time both trips. went on to work for loockheed M&S co. Vandenberg AFB California 1961-1971

22  Date: 2006-04-17 12:39:32
Gene Henderson ( res1pcnn@verizon.net / no homepage) wrote:

Was stationed at Hahn with the 586th MMS from Dec 62 to Dec 66. Joe Perkins maintains a web site for former members at http://tacmissileers.homestead.com/HOME.html or http://tacmissileers.homestead.com/MISSILEER.html

21  Date: 2006-04-16 23:38:45
jerry mosier ( jermos@backroads.net / no homepage) wrote:

Sure would love to re-connect with some of the guys from 38th MMS during 1961- 1963.

20  Date: 2006-02-09 01:15:49
Edward Jeffrey ( edjeffrey40@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was a member(weapon spec) of the initial 498 TMG launch crews at Kadena AFB, Okinawa in 1962.

19  Date: 2005-07-09 03:28:00
Ron Baird ( baird.ron@acd.net / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations on the 38TMW Web Site... Enjoyed
it thoroughly!!

Stationed at Sembach January 10, 1962 to August 22, 1964. 587 MMS- Gruenstadt MRC, 822 TMS, Launch,
Attached to Wing Training to build Training Site at A Flight.

Had a great time at Nashville, Denver, Orlando and Las Vegas....

Good Job on the site...

18  Date: 2005-06-05 20:12:25
REX P. D`OZIER ( flash1@bellsouth.net / no homepage) wrote:

I WAS STATIONED AT SEMBACH FROM 2oct.63 to 18apr64 as assistant crewchief on the t-33a tail#281, 38th missile maint.sq.shipped out to evreux-fauville FRANCE inapril of 1964

17  Date: 2005-05-29 00:41:15
Robert Bailey ( bob33510@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

585th TMS Jan 92-Jul 65. Worked in the Missile Support Area (MSA) in the Test Equipment Maintenance Section (TEMS). Am in touch with several friends from there from GSC, MEMS, GEMS, Flt Controls and also Launch Crew members from the 71st TMS.

16  Date: 2005-05-04 13:44:00
Bob Crawford ( radandred@att.net / no homepage) wrote:

Sembach was my home from '62 to '64. Mech one on Sgt. Bob Fick's crew; site B. What a great way to start my adulthood!! Didn't know how great it was until years later... Some familiar names on this list; lots more on the Yahoo list.

15  Date: 2005-04-28 07:46:00
John H. Chappell ( johnhchappell@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father, Charles L. Chappell ("Chuck" or "Leonard") was stationed at Sembach, Germany. I was one of three children who also accompanied him while in Germany. Can you throw around my father's name with some of your buddies and let me know how to contact them or my father contact them. He would just love it.

14  Date: 2005-04-20 12:58:27
william bennett ( dnbennett@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

fireman hahn airbase 1961-1964 most of duty time on site 4 and training site

13  Date: 2005-03-04 22:07:50
James Taylor ( JLT@ma.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed @ Sembach for 2 great years (63-65) and was the orders clerk in Wing Hq. Had a great time, still can't drink American beer (ex. Sam Adams).

12  Date: 2005-03-01 21:15:38
Noel (Spatz) Lynch ( noelsheryl@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

Great Site - 33514 Guidance Systems Analyst TM76A
1962-1965 Hahn AFB

11  Date: 2005-01-08 15:57:16
Vic Tisdel ( victisdel@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Trained at Lowery '60 - '61. Crew training in Orlando '61. Worked in GSC at Kadena in '62 to '63 time frame. Returned to Orlando as permanent party in '63 - '64.

10  Date: 2004-12-26 14:20:40
Charles Taliaferro ( ctaliaferro@kitchentablegang.org / http://www.kitchentablegang.org) wrote:

You can retire your tattered, worn out and frayed American flags without cost to you. Send your flags to the Kitchen Table Gang Trust, 42922 Avenue 12, Madera, CA 93638-8866 and we will dispose of your flags in a proper and dignified manner with full honors pursuant to the United States Code. Please, don’t throw your old flags away, send them to us!


Charles Taliaferro

9  Date: 2004-11-26 18:12:52
J. D. (Jim) Stelling, Maj Ret. ( Txglassman@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was assigned to Sembach from 1960 to 1964 as an airman and again from 1977 to 1980 as an officer. Does anyone have a current address foe TSgt John PALCO, Hahn AB?

8  Date: 2004-09-09 20:22:55
Steven Harris ( stevenlharris@bellsouth.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed at BAB from 89-92. I was Regular Army and was with the PATRIOT system (Alpha 5/7 ADA), though. In 89 was my first experience with the Idenheim site. We emplaced the first PATRIOT systems there and could not figure out what those huge doors were for. I researched at the base and online and found out what it was. I even journeyed through the old site through the personel entryway. Talk about a step back in time. And those launch bays were huge. I am glad I had the time to look more info up on Matador and Mace since I got out of the Army. Even better that I found this site that contains some info on Bitburg. Thanks for keeping it active.

7  Date: 2004-09-07 02:13:58
John Dulaney ( jdulaney@nctc.com / no homepage) wrote:

Stationed at Hahn AF under the 405th Tac Missile Sqdn from 1960-1963

6  Date: 2004-07-31 14:45:55
John Downing ( johncharles212@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Served in the 71st TMS, Tech #3 on a launch crew, Bitburg Germany 1962 thru 1965. Attained the distinguished rank of A2C. Great to see all the pictures, and read the stories. Thank God we never had to launch those babies!!

5  Date: 2004-02-03 02:45:59
Ike Isaacson ( ikeii@mindspring.com / http://iairphoto.com) wrote:

Bitburg from Mar 65 to Apr 69 in E&A. Got out in 69, joined ANG in 77, became a tanker boom operator, revisited Bitburg before it closed. Currently a civilian running Homeland Defense Operation Noble Eagle at Fairchild AFB in Spokane, WA.I really miss the guys and good times in the 587MMS and 71TMS.

4  Date: 2004-02-01 00:28:40
James C. Wauford ( jcwauford@adelphia.net / http://users.adelphia.net/~jcwauford/) wrote:

I was an instructor in the TM61C Mobile Training Detachment at Orlando Air Force Base when the first TM-61C arrived there. I was qualified to teach the SHANICLE guidance system, the Target Selection Van (TSV) and when shanicle was suspended (for how long I don't know because I was discharged in Aug. 1956) I taught the radio remote control system. The website brings back fond memories. By the way, my detachment commander was 2 Lt. Aloysius G. Casey who retired a few years as, I think, Major General after a very distinguished career in the missile field. James C. Wauford

3  Date: 2004-01-21 23:34:46
mosier, jerry w. ( jermos@backroads.net / no homepage) wrote:

served at Sembach from 5/61 to 11/63. Would love to communicate with anyone who was there at that time.

2  Date: 2004-01-19 07:50:08
Hank Fitz ( wb4uru@arrl.net / no homepage) wrote:

Martin Tech Rep on TM-76 B in Kadena AFB's 498th TMG DMF depot in early 60s. Lost my missile models during a move some years ago.

1  Date: 2003-11-25 19:35:20
Ray Braguglia ( raybrag@cnu.edu / no homepage) wrote:

Great site! I was in the 405th TMS @ Hahn from Dec 64 thru Aug 66, mostly @ Site 5. Was back year before last visiting my daughter outside of Heidelberg, and went to Dickenshied . . .found the old site to be a mulch plant! Who else can remember SSgt Ruth from Lowry . . . "All GIs are stupid!"??? Would love to hear from some of the guys I knew: Maj Pardue . . . Ray Asik . . . Bob McNamee . . . Dave Flamm . . . Gene Blamble . . . Capt Henson . . .and on, and on, and on. . .