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U.S. Air Force
Tactical Missiles
1949 - 1969 The Pioneers

ISBN 978-0-557-00029-6

Book Cover

The U.S. Air Force Tactical Missiles, 1949-1969 The Pioneers

The U.S. Air Force Tactical Missiles 1949-1969 The Pioneers offers the rich, fascinating history of the first surface-to-surface tactical missiles of the U.S. Air Force, the winged, nuclear-capable Matador and Mace missiles, and their units and personnel in West Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Okinawa and the United States.

Sleeps Two


ISBN 978-0-557-73251-7

Book Cover

Sleeps Two

A couple's first time experiences with an RV and RV camping. Specifically, a small camping trailer that sleeps two.
Two, that is, if you don't count the dogs

Hungwell and Kleinpeter: Consultants

eBook for Kindle


Hungwell and Kleinpeter: Consultants

Crime/Mystery novel - Patience, the book is being reloaded and all chapters are being restored

- Due soon - The original, full length novel


Miami Teaches More Than Sailing

The first paid article: $25 for this piece published in the Sailor's Gazette, Tampa, Fl, April, 1985

Canoeing West Lake

Canoeing West Lake in Everglades National Park, Florida. A planned overnight camping trip to Alligator Creek doesn't work out.

January 2nd, 1987 (Unpublished)

Saving The Glades

The Everglades Restoration Opening Ceremony January, 1997 (Unpublished)

Bringing Baby Home

Four Days Across Florida by Boat - Bringing Baby Home
A 1999 WaterLine Article

Published 1999
Charlotte Sun-Herald
Waterline Boating Supplement

I Envy Artists

""I Envy Artists"" (also posted as a blog) was originally published in the ""The Florida Writer"" Vol 5, No. 2, 2011

Pithole Phyllis

""Pithole Phyllis"" (also posted as a blog) was originally published in the "The Florida Writer" Vol 6, No. 4, 2013


""Stuff"" Originally published in the Florida Weekly Newspaper the week of October 22-28, 2015.


Sleeps Two - Our Camping and RV Blog

Our Travel Travel and RV blog. Reviews of Campgrounds and Parks


A Blog For Something Really Important

Social Comment and Everything Else I can Think of...






I Know Where I Am Because I Know Where I'm Not

Political Comment and Satire




Charlotte Sun Herald
Business Columns
Port Charlotte, Florida










George was raised in Miami, Florida, and joined the U.S. Air Force after graduating from High School in 1960. He served his entire USAF tour with Mace tactical missiles from January 1961 through May, 1969, earning his Master Missileman's Badge. George served over five and a half years at Bitburg, Germany.

George joined IBM Field Engineering Division as a Customer Engineer in June 1969 and retired December 1997 as an Advisory Systems Engineer. George formed Customized Services Management, specializing in Business Impact Analysis. Retiring to Port Charlotte, Florida, he has been active with community organizations, and wrote a bi-weekly business column for the Sun-Herald newspaper from August, 1999, until February, 2006.

His first book, U.S. Air Force Tactical Missiles 1949-1969 The Pioneers, co-authored with Robert Bolton, was published in 2008, and his first humorous camping book, Sleeps Two, was published in 2010. Among his hobbies are video creation and editing, writing, kayaking and fishing, and maintaining the 38th TMW website.

George is currently the
Sarasota Writers Group leader of the Florida Writers Association.