The Tactical Missile Quiz
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Did You REALLY Earn Your Missile Badge?
Score Yourself on this Meaningless Open Book Quiz!
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  1. Where was the Black Hangar?
    OK, Lowry AFB, the first question is a "gimme". Nobody goes away empty handed!
  2. (A Bird) What did RFML stand for?
  3. What did VIHS mean?
  4. Orange bottles meant what?
  5. White bottles meant what?
  6. What is a bottle?
    (Sorry, I got carried away. No points here! Unless you happen to know what a "hot" bottle is!)
  7. What did MAST stand for?
  8. Where was the 4504th?
    When were you in it?

    TAC Missileer? Yes, you were!
  9. Where was the Flux Valve located?
  10. What was the "African Queen?
  11. What was Primacord used for besides Armed Forces Day demonstrations?
  12. (Matador & B-Bird) Camp Happiness was where?
    ...and (extra points), why?
  13. How was the dump light read?
  14. Tangent GusRa was a Yogi from India. T or F?
  15. When were ORIs always held?
  16. What ORIs?
  17. What was the operating tire pressure in the Teracruzers?
    How was the pressure adjusted?
  18. DGs and VGs were always easier to remove while they were still spinning. In fact, the faster the better! True or False?
  19. Who was Malish, and how did he get his name?
  20. The No Lone Zone was a great place to make friends. T or F?
  21. What was your dosimeter used for?
    Ever show up for an Alert without it?
  22. The Lock On Box was kept in the back of the MM-1! T or F?
  23. What were MC-1s; 3100Bs; 4000As; T1Bs; PSM-6s; and SCOPS?
  1. Who designed the Missile Badge?
  2. The " Nose Temperature Control Unit" (NTCU) was carried in your pocket and the heating element was attached to your nose to keep it from freezing while playing football with Delgado and Reninger behind the blockhouse at site VI. T or F?
  3. What did it mean when both sets of spoilers were up at the same time?
  4. What spoilers?
  5. Hold back bolts, shear bolts, and splice bolts were interchangeable. (True or False?) Explain!
  6. OSAT (or augmentee) meant doing what? ...and for how long?
  7. Who had the warmest Pizzas, MEMS or TEMS?
  8. Can you name or number the 38TMW sites?
    How about just the ones at your base?
  9. Can you even remember your old APO?
  10. What color was your "Alert" scarf? Did it match your cap?
    ( No extra points for matching shoelaces, sorry!)
  11. How many different AFSCs did you have?
    and, lastly
  12. Do you have TAC Missile photos or stories you haven't sent in yet?


    When did we go back and bomb Wheelus?

    and with What?

    (We know the extra credit questions don't have anything to do with TAC Missiles,
    but after all, it was Wheelus!)

If you scored even ONE question right, you can attend the
TAC Missileers Convention in San Diego, California, in 2011!
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Maybe the real answers will be given at the next TAC Missileers convention!
Then again... well, possibly over a cold beer!


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