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TM-76 A MAce

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Name: Todd Cummings (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Sep 16 13:18:39 2003
Comment: I was stationed at Sembach from 1991-1994. I worked as an AMMO Troop at the main bomb dump and out at site 8. My first son was born there in Germany at Laundstul in 93. I will never forget my time stationed there, some of the best times of my life!

Name: paul monahan (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Thu Sep 11 21:42:34 2003
Comment: 823rd fr 64 to 66 last man out

Name: Larry Heiberger (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Mon Sep 1 22:57:03 2003
Comment: Served in the 587th Comm & Guid Sqdn as Radio operator (morse code), went TDY to Wheelus 3 times to test the Matadors, lived on 2nd floor of barracks behind the service club (on the end that faces the service club)

Name: John Montgomery (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Thu Aug 28 07:32:55 2003
Comment: I was in Crash Rescue 64-67 also worked at Site 2 near Ekenbach until it closed. I have some great memories of my time at Sembach. Met some great people who I will never forget. Really enjoy the web site.

Name: Bob Crawford (Homepage)
Country: usDate: Thu Aug 14 23:19:31 2003
Comment: 38th TMW, '62-'64

Name: Howard Larry Kading (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Jul 19 02:56:28 2003
Comment: I was in flight controls shop at Sembach from April 64 to August 66, and enjoyed Germany and
the people. I enjoyed all of Europe that I
Larry Kading

Name: Jerrey Krzmarzick (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Fri Jun 13 00:45:38 2003
Comment: If anyone remembers that last name...please respond.

Name: Ron Fox (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Fri Apr 25 15:23:04 2003
Comment: Can anyone give me any information on the 81st Air Rescue Squadron at Sembach Air Base in the 1950's? Thanks.

Name: Kenneth L. Haehnel (Homepage)
Country: USDate: Thu Apr 17 12:38:07 2003
Comment: Served on a launch crew with Lt Bock, Sgt. Costello and Nicholson.1965-1966, untill phase out. Sent to Gt Falls Mt to Minuteman Maint. Eventually back home to NY.

Name: mfhall (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Fri Mar 7 12:53:45 2003
Comment: I was stationed at Sembach from 66-69. I was with the hospital sqd. as a medical lab tech. This is an excellent site. Thanks.

Name: Ed Phillips (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Jan 1 12:58:10 2003
Comment: Was assigned to 38th Tac Hospital, 1957-60.

Name: Ruben Martinez (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Dec 31 12:52:39 2002
Comment: I was Sgt. Martinez, Civil Engineer Squad, supply guy, I work with a Captain Potter and Major Little, in 1973-1975

Name: L.Romanczuk (Homepage)
Country: Tenn.USADate: Sun Nov 24 22:05:58 2002
Comment: I was with the 11thPBS from PatrickAFB/ORLANDO AFB"1954 air lifted to Sembach 1956.Member of the 587thC&G group and the 701st Tac Missile Wing. Spent time in Dannenfels on a relay station. Lived in a Gasthaus--great. You have a great page.Currently a member of the "TAC MISSILERS"

Name: John R White (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Nov 12 13:56:05 2002
Comment: Was stationed at Sembach 1962 1964.Was in the engine shop on the flight line.Great bunch of people in aircraft maint.Remember a few names-Sgt Truitt Sgt Day Sgt Gomez Sgt Marsh.Would really like to hear from them. Best two year tour I had in my 23 years.

Name: Raymond McClellland (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sun Sep 22 20:12:14 2002
Comment: I was stationed at Sembach mid56 to nov 57. Worked on the warheads for the Matador. We were close to Enkenbach. It was great...

Name: cliff belcher (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Wed Sep 4 14:46:16 2002
Comment: hunting Larry Kading Tom Schwindler or Charles Laskowski.
served 64 to 66 in flight controls, test bench.

Name: John Mazur (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Aug 14 19:37:09 2002
Comment: I was stationed at Sembach in 1967 for 30 days TDY from Stewart AFB, NY. I enjoyed it very much. Went to a carnival in Kaiserslautern. The beer hall was unbelievable. If you were with our crew, please contact me by e-mail.

Name: Richard Clark (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sun Aug 11 00:21:57 2002
Comment: Great site!I served fm 71-73 in 601st CSG later the 7400 ABW. You brought back a lot of memories!

Name: Henry "Hank" Baltzersen (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Thu Aug 8 14:29:11 2002
Comment: Volunteered for reassignment from Bitburg Matador launch crew to 38thMMS initially as MPT member under Sgt's Smith and Mohlmaster in 1961. Then briefly in AANC, and finally settling down in Bench Test working at resistor-level on the ATRAN guidance system components. Great work & great people to work for, and with!

Name: cliff belcher (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Mon Jul 29 10:52:12 2002
Comment: stationed Sembach 64 to 66 flight controls

Name: BILL PALMER (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Jul 16 18:10:39 2002

Name: Robert E. Perry Jr. (Homepage)
Country: usa, marylandDate: Tue Jul 2 20:31:31 2002
Comment: crash rescue from 1963 to 1965...
what memories this website brought

Name: Bill Adair (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Jul 2 00:47:51 2002
Comment: Spent the last six months of my overseas tour at Hahn, after the first two and a half years at Sembach. Was at Hahn from Dec 1958 to Jun 1959.

Worked for Sgt Jim Nightengale and with Terry Riester as a guidance technician, and remember a few guys from the barracks. Ronald Dignan, Angel, Billy Barr, Pelletier to mention a few. The rest have faded away, but I'd love to hear from anyone there from 1958 to 1959.

I'm also the locator for the 11th TMS at Sembach, so drop me a line if

Name: Buck Cashiola (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Jun 30 15:49:07 2002
Comment: Sunday am. Talked to Jack Chyle and he told me that there was a web page. What a way to keep in touch. I'm in the middle of Texas in the town of Sweetwater. If your in teh area Stop by.

Name: Jim Leverett (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Jun 25 01:22:30 2002
Comment: I was assigned to the 11th Pilotless Bmr. Sqdn. in Orlando and arrived at Sembach with that unit.
For the first months there we had no equipment. Either The Martin Co. was late or we were early getting there, I don't know. I was an A&E mechanic.Many of us were transfered to France to Fighter Sqdn.
Sembach was overall the prettiest and most comfortable place I was ever at in my 4 years.
I'd certainly like to communicate with some of the people I was stationed with.

This is a

Name: Robert E. Mauger (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Jun 5 02:40:24 2002
Comment: I was with the 38th Missile maintenance Sqd. From 1964 thru 1966. I worked in the PE dock on the flight line.

Name: Jay Kaylor (Homepage)
Country: Tennessee, USADate: Wed May 29 16:09:21 2002
Comment: I was stationed at Ramstein AB 62-66 and we flew
missions out of Sembach in the summers when they
were repairing our runways. I love Sembach and
have some fond memories of the place. Our son
Erik is now stationed at Ramstein and likes it very
The web site brings back some good old memories!

Name: Richard S. Village (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue May 14 16:08:47 2002
Comment: Was stationed at Sembach, Site 2 from 1961-1963. Contacts from any friends I served with would be appreciated. Thank you

Name: M/SGT R.E. Ellis (Homepage)
Country: U. S. A.Date: Mon Mar 25 18:28:33 2002
Comment: NCOIC A Flight 1961 Retired 1968 at Kirtland A. F. B. New Mexico Retired State Farm Ins. 1995 Dallas, Texas

Name: Marvin Humerickhouse (Homepage)
Country: usa /indianaDate: Mon Mar 25 11:00:38 2002
Comment: was a fireman on Sembach from 1965 to 1968 this brings back many good memories

Name: Joseph W. Hollingsworth (Homepage)
Country: United StatesDate: Mon Jan 28 20:56:35 2002
Comment: I happened to find your we b page from the Sembach Yahoo Group. I was stationed at "C" site in Grunstadt from '60-'62 in the 38 Air Police Sq., after leaving the Main base. The pictures brought back some fond, fond memories. Thanks for the trip back in time!

Name: G. Joseph Snyder (Homepage)
Country: U.S.A.Date: Fri Jan 18 21:17:48 2002
Comment: Having been with the 71st TMS, at Bitburg and Steinborn, I truly enjoyed the web pages that I have viewed. They brought back some really great memories of friends and events. Best regards to all missile personnel out there.

G. Joseph Snyder
Cameron Park, CA 95682

Name: Allan H. Coon (A1C) (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Thu Jan 17 13:54:11 2002
Comment: Greetings to all. I was with the 822nd from about April 1964 until August of 1966. I'd to hear from any of you.

Name: John M. Lund (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Mon Dec 24 14:20:49 2001
Comment: 701/38 TMW, 1957-1961

Name: Scott T. Chandler (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Sat Dec 22 19:38:43 2001
Comment: Brought the Mace to Europe July 59. One of the twelve original crews. Opened Grunstadt. Rotated back to Orlando July 62. Became chief of crew training at Orlando 62. Closed down training 64.

Name: Harold E. Norris (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Fri Dec 21 22:55:36 2001
Comment: Was at Sembach and Grunstadt from July 1955 to November 1956 with the 6914th RSM, USAF Security Service. It became the 6910th RGM about the time I left. Lived on the site at Grunstadt in a tent behind the "H" building. Spent some good times there but they get better with age. Worked in the Comm Center as TTY/Crypto Maintenance.

Name: Xavier R. Sendejo (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Nov 10 15:58:07 2001
Comment: Base Fuels Officer at Sembach AB 9/60-9/63 in 38th Mat'l Sqdn., 38th Air Base Group, and 38th Tac Msl Wing DCS/Material. Married Marianne DeCraene--dependent school teacher fm Chicago. Texas A&M ('59)chemical engineer worked for Dow Chemical 30 yr. at Freeport, Texas. We lived in the BOQ and Winnweiler.

Name: nick nicholson (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Fri Oct 26 15:24:39 2001
Comment: I was station in Bitburg 64 to 65 as a tect 2 in launch then transfered to Sembach in 65 to phase out in 66. I was a launch tech 2 on lt.Bock and sgt. Mike Costello's crew [7-2] with Ken Hanel as tech #1. My room mate was Greg Jacobs. Looking forward to the Denver Reunion in 2003.

Name: Michael Bevins (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Oct 23 20:01:19 2001
Comment: My father was stationed at Sembach from
August 1969 - May 1974. He then retired in
Germany and is still living in Enkenbach-Alsenborn.
My mother - Kata Bevins - is the proprietor of the
Gasthaus Rosenhof in nearby Mehlingen.

Name: Jim Curnes (Homepage)
Country: WV USADate: Thu Oct 4 12:35:21 2001
Comment: Found the site and brought back a lot of memories.
Stationed with the 38th MMS as a guidance mech from
Nov. '63 to May '66. Remember RUDY's Gasthaus in
Sembach where I spent a lot of time drinking Bishoff
and playing Fooseball.

Name: Doug Allen (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Sep 25 12:06:25 2001
Comment: Many, many happy memories of "Sembach air patch". I was a dependent, attended,62 & graduated KAHS in 68. Played baseball & basketball with the AYA, worked at the base gym, painted the football bleachers and bagged at commissary.My dad, SSgt John Allen was Mace man but then transferred to "Base Flight" and was flight mech for the Gooney Birds. Always a proud supporter of the Sembach Tigers!!

Name: Donald R Hess (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Sep 12 18:41:23 2001
Comment: Wonderful site.
I wonder if anyone has a picture of Grunstadt before we moved in? I was in the origional "C" Flight and it took a lot of work to get the buildings ready for us to move in.

Name: Rodney Ries (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Sep 11 16:32:49 2001
Comment: I was at Sembach June 63 to 65. I spent about 5 weeks on site maint. site 3. Then in the maintence area in the flight controls hanger.Currently live in Selah WA.

Name: Barry Davis (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Fri Sep 7 10:28:14 2001
Comment: 822 TMS 1965-1966

Name: Frank Nesgoda (Homepage)
Country: Florida, USADate: Thu Aug 30 23:24:38 2001
Comment: Stationed with 38th Tactical Missile Wing from 61-64. Worked on Mace Guidance System, 'A' flight. A great experience... the place has some improvements... especially the Gym, can't believe the equipment they now have!!!

Name: clarence pearson (Homepage)
Country: usa s.c.Date: Wed Aug 29 22:28:07 2001
Comment: was at 887th grunstadt 1964-1966 i was one of two medics the other was gary briggs. we had a room in the bldg. with the air police. i loved grunstadt had a great time! let me hear from you guys.

Name: Harolod Williams (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Wed Aug 29 16:31:41 2001
Comment: Stationed at Sembach 57-60 with 6910th. Best years of my youth spent at the "Coffee Shop" eating pizza.
Retired after 33 yrs as CMSgt.

Name: william griffin (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Mon Aug 27 16:38:43 2001
Comment: I was stationed at sembach afb from 1957-1960. i was in the air police squadron and worked both flightline security and the main base. I am really excited about this, I just ran across this website by accident. E-Mail me any information about sembach during this time period.

bill griffin

Name: Linda Hernandez (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Jul 21 16:31:58 2001
Comment: I have wonderful memories of my childhood at Sembach. It was really special. From '69-'72. I left in 9th grade but the memories have never left me. I'm glad I was an Air Force Brat!!

Name: Wayne Oltmann (Homepage)
Country: Minnesota USADate: Tue Jun 26 14:19:50 2001
Comment: I came to the 11TH in July 1955, at Orlando AFB. We transferred to Sembach in june 1956. I was in B Flight until I was discharged in August 1958.

Name: Ed Bradish (Homepage)
Country: Pa. U. S. A.Date: Sun Jun 24 01:22:19 2001
Comment: Was in 587th Tac Missile Sqdn. from 4/56 til 8/59. Originally stationed at Orlando AFB. We flew from Orlando in July 56 -- 11 planes left Orlando at four hour intervals and the whole 11th TMW was relocated in 2 days. Also spent some time in Bitburg and Hahn. Left before the Mace became operational.

Name: Steve Psiaki (Homepage)
Country: florida, usa.Date: Fri Mar 23 20:10:57 2001
Comment: was at sembach 66 - 69.. 601st comb. sup. gp./AGE/CRC... looking for persons station about the same time

Name: Ted E Hollins (Homepage)
Country: TennesseeDate: Sun Jan 21 15:20:04 2001
Comment: Stationed at Site 3 Grundstadt from 62 to 63 then
assigned to Missle Control Section at Sembach. Was
Asst Custodian at the Rod & Gun Club on of duty hours
Drove a blue MG Midget with the top down most of the
time.Left Germany in 64. Stationed at Loring AFB Maine
for a year and a half,then went to Beale AFB, Cal
till I retired in 68.

Name: Billy Byrd (Homepage)
Country: Date: Wed Jan 17 22:02:40 2001
Comment: Surfing and fouond this very interesting. Stationed Sembach 1960 thru 1962. Assigned to 38th TMW Chief of Maintenance as Comm Maintenance Superintendent. Member of 1961 USAFE Softball Champs. Team conprised of mostly 6910th troops. Retired Aug 1975 as CMSgt with 30 years.

Name: Robert Wood (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Dec 19 09:51:44 2000
Comment: I was stationed at Grunstadt from 64-67 38th APS. After MACE
was phased out. I went back to Sembach and was on
base patrol/security. I loved Grunstadt I will never forget it.

Name: John Hetherington (Homepage)
Country: USDate: Wed Dec 13 22:23:47 2000
Comment: I was stationed at Sembach from 1962. I was attached to the northern detachment in Garlstedt, Germany and later at the Bad Toelz, Flint Kaserne througn 1964. We were part of the 38th but a separate unit with a different mission. I would to catch up with some of my buddies. Anyone interested can reach me at the above email. I currently live and work in the Detroit, Mi. suburbs.

Name: tom sharrow (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Nov 22 19:50:36 2000
Comment: 38th air police sqd - k-9 Section Aug 1964 - Aug 1966

Name: Guy Chaney (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sun Oct 29 01:23:11 2000
Comment: Was at Sembach 1960 - 1962, was on launch crew at what was then called 'B' flight near enkenbach, all 3 launch sites at that time were part of the 822nd missile squadron.
I live now in Cumberland, Maryland.

Name: Bob Sudbrook (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Tue Oct 10 12:47:19 2000
Looking for some old buddies with the 601st TCS or Sembach football team-mates. Served as an AP with the 601st in Kassel and Sembach 6\61- 6\64. Residing in Cinn., Oh.

Name: Msgt Tom Seelig (Ret.) (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Aug 23 19:20:59 2000
Comment: Great site. Served at Sembach around 1960 with the Base Communications. Returned stateside in 1962. Working with the 38th was a highlight in my career -- greatest people on earth!

Name: Selby Stroud McDaniel (Homepage)
Country: USA (now)Date: Thu Jun 29 00:09:44 2000
Comment: My Dad, Col. Roy W. Stroud, was JAG at Sembach from 1964 (June) through 1967 (June). He is now retired near Randolph AFB, and is a part-time "Texas" Judge in a small town near there.
Some of "us brats" from that period, classes of 67-69, are having another reunion in Dallas this summer. We are looking for Col. Hession's daughter, Lisa, if anyone has info......Thanks! Wonderful years there........

Name: John Sumption (Homepage)
Country: DeutschlandDate: Thu May 11 23:34:06 2000
Comment: Sembach Lives! In 1998, the USAF established it's weather forecasting center for Europe and Africa at Sembach. After years of slow decline, the base is slowly coming back to life.

Name: Wim Vink (Homepage)
Country: HollandDate: Mon Mar 13 14:29:42 2000
Comment: Thanks for your GREAT site!!
I will come back many times.
Please visit my US ARMY MODELING SITE:
Here you can see under Photo Gallery: Old box-tops
the Renwal Mace/Teracruzer kit from 1958.
This willbe my next modeling project.
In a while on MIL-MOD:
A very big article about the Mace/Teracruzer, incl. many photos.

Name: Charlie Stone (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Feb 12 17:11:58 2000
Comment: I was in the 587th MMS from 1/62 until 10/63 when I was transferred to the 586th MMS at Hahn where i stayed until 12/64. Worked at Site 1 and for a short time at Site 3 at Sembach and at Site 6 at Hahn.


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