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TM-76 A MAce

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Name: Larry Tucker (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Oct 8 17:40:39 2003
Comment: Was at Hahn from July 61 to Aug 63 with 586th Missile Maint Sq. Worked Site IV with crew chief SSgt Bell. Looking for old friends.

Name: Sam Powell (Homepage)
Country: Cabot, ArDate: Fri Oct 3 12:07:20 2003
Comment: Just want to say high. I was station at hahn Ab from 1987 -1991.I was one of the 5 air cargo guys how help load all the Stuff from the 38 Missile wing.

Name: George (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon Sep 15 23:14:59 2003
Comment: OK... Anybody have any photos of Site 6? Send them to me and I'll be happy to post them...

Name: Charles Stone (Homepage)
Country: United StatesDate: Thu Aug 14 20:07:46 2003
Comment: Revisiting the site for the first time in a long while. See there are still no pics of Site-6.

Name: Walt Chamberlain (Homepage)
Country: USA!!!!Date: Sat May 31 20:34:09 2003
Comment: Auchtung Webmasters! Join the Hahn Webring at hahn.luckypuppy.net

Name: Debbie Hollis (Homepage)
Country: USDate: Mon Apr 21 18:42:35 2003
Comment: Was stationed at Wueschheim AS from 1987-1990, then at Hahn from 1990-1991. Still miss it.

Name: Doug Bartman (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Apr 16 21:08:37 2003
Comment: 50TH TAC HOSPITAL, 1958 - 1961. Dolly Bar and others TDY daily. Great base,duty,people(on base and off). God bless our troops and all the vets. Have a great life!

Name: George Thompson, Msgt/Ret (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Apr 15 19:11:12 2003
Comment: I was stationed 38TMW Wueshheim AS from 1985-1988, I lived in Hahn AB housing while I was there.

Name: Brian Friedmann (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sun Mar 9 23:22:48 2003
Comment: Our family was stationed there 1954-1958. Dad was Captain working with the Matador. Names I remember are Watson (where are you Duke!), Hardee (where are you Margie!), Lavash, Yeager (Linda, I think), Everest (Vicky, I think). Great place as a kid - lots of adventures. Fond memories of the Italian restuarant in Lautzenhausen.

Name: Tony LaRussa (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Jan 18 16:59:07 2003
Comment: Flashing back to some great memories and found this site along with many others... Had NO IDEA that this many people felt the same way I did.
Remember the schnitzel & pomme frittes! Going to the 1stG, etc.
Many, many GREAT memories and some long lost friends. Hope they see this posting. I worked in E-Section(43151C)(F4-Es) from Mar.'75 to Aug.'76

Name: Tom Spath (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Fri Jan 17 13:49:30 2003

Name: Ronald Herren (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Wed Jan 15 01:27:06 2003
Comment: 1964-1966

Name: Gene Henderson (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Mon Jan 13 13:47:51 2003
Comment: Was stationed with the 586th MMS from Dec 1962- Dec 1966.

Name: Robert L. Windemuth (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Dec 28 15:16:46 2002
Comment: Stationed at Hahn Nov. 1960 to Nov. 1963; first in 586th SS, then 50th AP, and finally 50th Transportation. Then to Blytheville, Arkansas in 1964. Now retired from high school teaching. Have been back to Germany many times, but visited Hahn only once in summer of 1997. It rained.

Name: donald zercher (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Wed Nov 13 15:46:22 2002
Comment: I was at Hahn 52-56 in the
fire dept. good tour of duty.

Name: Dick Pech (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Aug 7 19:24:36 2002
Comment: I was at Hahn from july 1956 to July of 1959. I was the launch crew chief for A Flight. I have contacted Gene Lilly, Richard Yeager, Arnold Pike, and Edward Joyce recently. All were at Hahn during the time I was there. I am interested in communicating with anyone else that was there during that time

Name: Msgt Walt Chamberlain (Homepage)
Country: USA!!!!Date: Tue Jul 30 03:02:55 2002
Comment: I was a crew cheif in the 313th AMU 85-90. Love your pictures. Love to have some on my site. Can I, please?

My site is a reunion site for folks who did time at Hahn, 85-90 but all are welcome. Surf on in.

Name: John Moe (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Jun 15 16:14:10 2002
Comment: I was at Hahn 60-63. I have been trying to locate other members of my launch crew. Capt. Jackson R. Wissnut (sp) and Sgt. Nick T. Shepherd.

Name: Dave Moritz (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat May 25 19:35:17 2002
Comment: i was stationed with th 6911SS from 75-77.

Name: Roger J. Lepper (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Fri Apr 26 18:23:09 2002
Comment: I was in the 504th from 1961 to 1963.

Name: Richard Chase (Homepage)
Country: U.S.A.Date: Mon Jan 28 23:52:09 2002
Comment: I was in 586th Maintenance, worked the AANC. All sites and maint. center. I don't recognize any names on here. But then that was almost forty years ago, 1964-66. A quiet master sgt. yelled like hell and threw me off his site, I worked another site for a long time. Usually had a bottle in my hand. They called me Parker, I told someone his pen had my name on it and that was it. Where is Bayliss, Sherwood, and my drinkig buddies that ripped off their stripes and got the truck stuck in the mud, whi

Name: M. Farrar (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Jan 15 15:28:49 2002
Comment: Looking for someone who knew Herbert Hoyt Wood, Jr. He was with 50th Fld Maint Squad at Hahn AB from Sept. 1965 until Aug. 1967. Was from Texas and came to Hahn from Shaw AB, South Carolina.

Name: Albert Mac Elrath (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Jan 15 13:55:05 2002
Comment: I was with the 69th Pioltless Bomber Squadren at Hahn Air Base 1954-57

Name: Jack Stoner (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Mon Jan 14 05:21:12 2002
Comment: I was stationed at Hahn from Feb 56 to Jan 59. I was in the 2nd AACS Mobile Squadron. Our Sq HQ and barracks were in the same area as the base Chapel. I just ran across this site and a couple of others that were dedicated to Hahn AB.

Name: Tony Portello (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Dec 18 10:32:31 2001
Comment: I was with Audio-Visual in the Graphics section at Hahn from MAR 1982 till JAN 1986
at the height of the Cold War. The weather was a drag. I was also an SP Augmentee. I was on
almost every post on that base... the summers were mostly good.
If anyone remembers the F-16 crashes, I worked on them and provided the graphics support.
Remember Glen Dupis, Captain who went down in the Agean...
Remember the 50 miles..... on Friday the 13th.
Thank you for your site, Im finding mo

Name: Bill Charlton (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Dec 11 18:09:15 2001
Comment: I was in the 7425th USAF Hospital at Hahn (1956-1958). Your page brings back nice memories.

Name: Phil Haggard (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Oct 9 02:42:21 2001
Comment: Served at Hahn 1982 - 1984. 50th ASUP (AMMO)
near Morbach.

Name: Max R. Butler (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Aug 16 22:31:38 2001
Comment: wasAT hahn 58thru61.wasatsite "c" I think.Anyone remember Jerry English.Rode dirt bikes.Iwasa 46150 onthe business end of the matador.Remember the day someone pulled up in front of the barracksa little fast and layed their car on its side. And of course their was Lotsihouzen.Not correct spelling I know. Anyone going to reunion in orlando? I sure am.

Name: Max R. Butler (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Aug 16 22:14:33 2001
Comment: was

Name: Charlie Stone (Homepage)
Country: United StatesDate: Wed Jul 25 16:40:41 2001
Comment: Transferred to Hahn in 1963 from Sembach as a 443X0. 586th MMS - Site 6. Spent an inordinate amount of time at the Dolly Bar. Shipped back to the ZI in Dec. 1964.

Name: Chris Whitehead (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Mon Jul 16 12:46:22 2001
Comment: Nice site. We were at Hahn from Jan 82 - Sep 86. I was in Manpower Management.

Name: Steve Haines (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Thu Jun 28 13:30:28 2001
Comment: I was a Mech 1 at Site 6, on a crew with Esposito, Sosby and Kelton. I found this site while trying to convince a friend that the MM1 really existed. I remember some of the names. Great site.

Name: Meyer M. Gutman (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sun Jun 10 15:16:59 2001
Comment: With 38th TMS Dec.64 to June66

Name: Joel G. Fanelli (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sun May 20 13:13:09 2001
Comment: Great site..brought back a lot of memories of Hahn missle IV experiences during my 1963-1965 stint in the 586th MMS as a "Mech 1" and later back at Hahn in the "Specialist Dispatch" area. Everone probably has mementos...I happen to have a test tape that was used to checkout the ATRAN system on site.

Name: Dean Hamilton (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sun Apr 8 23:45:58 2001
Comment: I was in the 405th TAC Missile Squadron from 1964 until phaseout in 1966 when I rotated back to the states to work on the Minuteman missile in the 341st Stragetic Missile Wing at Malmstrom AFB Montana. This website brings back some very old but very good memories. Will submit other photos for inclusion at some later date.

Name: John T. Fitzpatrick (Homepage)
Country: U.S.A.Date: Thu Mar 22 12:12:58 2001
Comment: Stationed at Hahn AB 6-66 to 6-69, 50th TFW, 81st TFS, Munitions Loading Branch, Crew 81-3. Loaded F-100's and F-4D's. Have some pics from Hahn, anyone who was there e-mail me, have been there recently and toured the Base what's left of it...met you in Lautze for a bier!!! Fitz

Name: Ken Collingwood (Homepage)
Country: Cedar Rapids,IADate: Sat Mar 3 12:39:31 2001
Comment: Worked at Site V from 1963 until it was dismantled.
I was a guidance mechanic on the map-matcher system.
I married Lois from the English Ivy Benson Band and
we lived above the Gasthaus Hammon in Sohren for a
time. I spent twenty years in the Air Force and was
in the Precision Measurement Equipment Lab my remaining
years after Germany.

Name: R.H.Brauer (Homepage)
Country: USDate: Wed Feb 7 12:00:59 2001
Comment: Thanks for the memories. At Hahn Jul66-Oct69 in the CBPO, In and Processing and most of the guys passed through my desk when the unit deactivated.

Name: randall rowe (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Tue Feb 6 11:02:42 2001
Comment: can,t get enouph of memory lane was in the 50th sps from 73-79, saw a lot of people come and go. have always regretted not extending again and staying in germany, does anyone remember sam warren and where he can be reached

Name: Todd McGowan (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Mon Jan 8 19:35:42 2001
Comment: This is great to see a sight on Hahn AB. I was stationed there as a firefighter from 2/90-2/93 and loved every minute of it. I would probably still be there if the base had not closed. I was back there in March of 2000 and it's not the same but still looks good. Alot better shape than Bitburg AB is in. I also was the last firefighter to close down Wuscheim Air Station in August of 1992.

Name: Terry L Johnson (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Mon Nov 27 22:13:29 2000
Comment: I was with the 417th TFS as a crew-chief, 7/66 to 12/68, Ramstein, AB The 417th at that time was assigned to the 50th.

Name: marc j golden (Homepage)
Country: salem,ma usaDate: Sat Oct 28 12:48:59 2000
Comment: was stationed at hahn from 1977 to 1979. 50th sps

Name: Denise (Hamilton) D'Amore (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Oct 21 11:11:15 2000
Comment: Wonderful Site! As a fellow "Hawk" from '79-'86, I enjoyed the walk down memory lane very much. It is nice to know that so many of us have such fond memories of a place that really doesn't "officially" exist anymore. Keep up the good work!

Name: James E. Helm (Homepage)
Country: U.S.A.Date: Sat Oct 7 00:43:02 2000
Comment: I was stationed at Hahn Air Base from March 1960 to March 1963 and was a member of the 586th Missile Maintenance Squadron. It would be great to be able to communicate with anyone who was there during that tenure.

Name: Richard Moffett (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Oct 3 18:16:40 2000
Comment: A.G.E. 586 MMS May 1963-Oct 1966. Closed up Site 6
Worked Maint. Area, Site 4 Site 6. We started closing down at midnight on 31 Aug. 66. Holler at me. Found Balco, Ellis and now Renninger. Anyone heard from Jim Skelton? My youngest son Steve was born there in Aug. 65.

Name: Richard Moffett (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Oct 3 18:12:23 2000
Comment: A.G.E. 586 MMS May 1963-Oct 1966. Closed up Site 6
Worked Maint. Area, Site 4 Site 6. We started closing down at midnight on 31 Aug. 66. Holler at me. Found Balco, Ellis and now Renninger. Anyone heard from Jim Skelton?

Name: Bob Kaiser (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Fri Sep 15 19:04:43 2000
Comment: I was stationed at the Rock from 1968 to 1970. I was a medic in the 50th Tac Hospital. I have sobbered up (somewhat) and would like to hear from anyone who was with the hospital or the baseball team during that time.

Name: Tom Seelig (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Fri Sep 1 01:56:40 2000
Comment: Hi, buddies. I was assigned to the 586th MMS in Mar 1959 and transferred to Sembach sometime in 1960. Initially assigned to the Radio Maintenance Shop. In '59, I repaired all the dead R-388 Receivers using parts I had "appropriated" from 2nd AACS Mob Sqdn. (They had a wonderful supply house!) CWO Twardowski was my OIC.

I was reassigned to Missile Ops and made Shift NCOIC under Capt Yingling. Promoted to SSgt (E5) as a Parachute Rigger as Radio Field was frozen. I participated in

Name: D. Van Til (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Mon Jul 31 21:21:11 2000

Name: Jim Sands (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Thu Jul 27 17:45:45 2000
Comment: Continued. Address is sandsvegas@aol.com.
We always had the best of times when playing in the Youth Sports and going to the other bases to play. Plus, we always went to as many of of the Base Team (HAWKS) games as possible. Again if you know of anyone, e-mail me.

Name: Jim Sands (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Thu Jul 27 17:40:19 2000
Comment: I was in the 8th thorugh 10th grades while at HAHN (1957 /1960) and my father was (I think) Commander of the 586th Comm & Guidance Sqdn or the Missile Sqdn... not sure. Do not mix up name with a Col (full bird) Sands who was the Base Commander around 59 or 60. I think he took over and replaced Commander Col. Torreson. I am always looking for kids from that group/time period and currently have about 130 located. If you would like any information on people I have located, e-mail me at sandsveg

Name: Don Franklin (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Fri Jun 9 07:48:13 2000
Comment: I was stationed at Hahn from June 64 to July 66. I was assigned to a launch crew with Lt. Randal Halbert, Sgt. William Peck, an Airman Meyer Gutman. We were in the 89th TMS and worked site IV, mostly blockhouse 2. I was thrilled to find this web site. Keep up the good work

Name: Pete Dahl (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Jun 6 19:24:23 2000
Comment: Thanks for the memories. We just got back from a trip to Germany. Have some pictures of the base & hospital as it is now and the 1st G & the Dolly Bar.

Name: lee elder (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Apr 9 01:40:06 2000
Comment: i was assigned to the 586th mmsq from 1961 until 1965 at Hahn AB i worked at Site IV as recycle crew chief and later as a guidance system QC inspector.i retired in june 1969 from the 6596th Instrumentation squadron at Vandenberg AFB, Ca. now live in Santa Maria,Ca.

Name: gene henderson (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Sun Mar 19 22:19:16 2000
Comment: i was with the 586th mms from dec 62- dec 66 when we deactivated. worked in the age section on base and at site 4 and 5 in maintenance. would like to hear from you guys that worked in age and drove the MM1"s and hauled the missiles.

Name: Greg Sheldon (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sun Mar 5 16:24:11 2000
Comment: Was at the "mace site" in 1972-74 with the Army as a "Vulcan" 20mm gunner. We stored our weapons at that site, pulled guard duty there every 4 days for my 2 yr hitch. Had heard about mace missles but didnt know till now what they were. The pictures brought back so many memories, they are not unlike the ones i took while i was there.

Name: Ron Schwartz (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Feb 26 01:20:34 2000
Comment: Great Pictures! Stationed at Site 6 from 61 to 64.
Looking for Finuf, Ken or anyone from Site 6 from those days. Have found some of the guys right close to Pennsylvania. Good to find this site.

Name: Harold Renninger (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue Feb 15 08:27:31 2000
Comment: Was stationed at Hahn 1964-1966, Worked at site VI with: Flynn, Gee, Babione, Joe Ellis. Angel Delgado, Jim Harrison. anyone know these guys? Nice site!!!! I played softball and drove a micro-midget. I was single and had two kids there.

Name: David Johnston (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Thu Feb 10 22:57:31 2000
Comment: Thanks for a glimpse of where I was born.

Name: Ron Schwartz (Homepage)
Country: USA PittsburghDate: Sat Jan 15 02:29:25 2000
Comment: Nice Job ! You can find me at all the Hahn Sites.
Still looking for the guys that made those days ones I can never forget. Family getting older and me too but those memories will be with me always.

Name: David Maas (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Jan 8 01:08:17 2000
Comment: Was stationed with the 586 MMS at Hahn from 1964 until inactivation in the fall of 1966. Still have many fond memories of missile maintenance duties and the great group of Airman, Launch crews and maintenance teams,that I worked with during those 3 years.


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