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The People at Bitburg

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Maintenance and Support
The Mace B people

585th MMSQ Name TAg
Jim Larimer

Jim Larimer - GSC

Al Robinson

Al "Robbie" Robinson - GSC

Jim Larimer & Bill Krebs

Jim Larimer and Bill Krebs - GSC

Ted Jarvi

Ted Jarvi - GSC

Bob Bailey

Bob Bailey - TEMS

Leonard Estrada

Leonard Estrada - Flight Controls

Ray Sacramone

Ray Sacramone - AGE

Ed Peck

Ed Peck - AGE

Hank Akers

Hank Akers, GSC

Pinochle every night

In the movies, it was always poker. In real life, it was pinochle!
From left, Larry Emerson, Dave Snider, Jim Larimer, Dennis Robbins and Willy Willems. (We drank Fundador Spanish brandy. It was like $1.29 a gallon at the class 6 store back then. Try it now!)

Coloring Book Page

A page from the Mindling's infamous coloring book, circa 1963.

Ira Young

Ira (Denny) Young - AGE (ira@irayoung.com)

Jean Davis, GSC

Jean Davis - GSC

The only person I ever met that recovered his own stolen car. He beat the thief rather soundly and got a pat on the back from the German Police!

Carnel Mickey, 585th Support Squadron.

Anyone who had one of his omelettes at the MSA chow hall in Oberweis knew they were in the best Open Mess in the USAF.

Ted Jarvi

Ted Jarvi, GSC, models the baby blue, naugahyde fake leather, non-issue but none-the-less-mandatory ball caps of Detachment 3, 38th Missile Maintenace Squadron.

In The Barracks- 1963

Barracks life! Ted Jarvi (GSC), Jean Davis (GSC), George Mindling (F/C), Gerry King (MEMS)

Edwards and Robbins

Tom Edwards and Dennis Robbins, both MEMS

John Sgro, AGE

John Sgro, AGE

Jim Garrett (GSC) and Garland Stevens (GSC)

Jim Garrett and Garland Stevens, both GSC

Picnic at MSA

Cookout at MSA - Pinkerton (TEMS), Hank Akers, (GSC), Carnel Mickey (585th SS)

Al Breckinridge

Al Breckinridge, GSC

Jean Davis, GSC

Jean Davis, GSC

George Grant in front of Jean Davis's Opel

George Grant in front of Jean Davis's Opel

Jerry Brenner

Jerry Brenner, GSC

From left to right: Nieson DeAngelo, Edwin Davis, Dave Cameron, Gerry King, all MEMS/TEMS, and an unidentified Martin Company Tech Rep.

Photo courtesy of Mike Wilczynski (mjwilczynski@wideopenwest.com)


Oscar McNeese, Bob Bailey & Larry Telles. All from TEMS. 1964

Photo coutesy of Bob Bailey (bob33510@yahoo.com)

Bill Krebs and Len Calkins

"Well, just how many cylinders does a Simca Aronde have, anyway?" Bill Krebs and Len Calkins, both GSC


MEMS/TEMS - 1963
From left:  Clifford Lewis, ?, Al Breckinridge, Jim Hawkins, Elbert Regtuyt, Tom Edwards,
Robert Daughenbaugh, Robert Storms, Glenn (Dutch) Jones

Photo courtesy of Jim Hawkins (jayjhawk@swbell.net)

Jones, Stevens, Kinkle

Roger Jones, left, and Garland Stevens, standing, with Ken Kinkel seated in the foreground, all GSC

Ray Sacramone

Ray Sacramone (AGE) in the Christmas spirit, 1963

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Continuing Education

Continuing Education from the Field Training Detachment.

From Left: Instructor William Inverso, Mike Wylczynski, Jim Fitzgerald, and Don Hunter.
Photo coutesy of Mike Wilczynski (mjwilczynski@wideopenwest.com)

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Krachmachers Bowling Team

"The 71 TMS bowling team in 1963/1964. We led the base intramural league all year and locked in first place with seven weeks left in the league. We were the best intramural bowling team in USAFE that year. Standing left to right; Ted Magliery, Ed Gardner, Larry Emerson, Harold "Lucky" Loe, Gary Haynie, Joe Green. Kneeling; unknown civilian presenting First Place trophy to First Sergeant and team captain, Art Forster. Not Pictured was Joe Harper."

"The team name was Krachmachers (noisemakers) and the graphic on the back of our shirts was a mushroom cloud. (We did catch some flack over that, too.)"

Larry Emerson (lemerson@swbell.net)

Happy New Year -1963

Above - New Years Eve 1962, Bitburg Air Base NCO Club
From left: Fitzgerald, Ray Sacramone, Bob Wolf, Dan Pond, Ed Peck, Bill Krebs, Jim Larimer, Mike Wilczynski, Gerry King, and Gene Davis.

The NCO Club

The MEMS group enjoys a night at the NCO club, 1963. Among the guests are "Red" & Mary O'Neal, Mike & Carolyn Wilczynski, Yvonne Robinson, "Kitty" & Warren Davis, Lee & Karen Owens, Sue Fitzgerald, and Alpha Sullivan.
If you can add names, let us know!

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A2C Vic Shoepe displays the M-1 carbine most of the Mace B guys got to know real well. M-1 racks were in each work section during the Cuban Missile Crisis as all personnel were also used as Outside Security Alert Teams. Ready for OSAT The maintenance personnel even trained on BARs, though never at the firing range, and even had a .30 calibre Johnson Machine gun manned during Alerts!

The combat helmets used by GSC and Flight Controls were painted the oddest color ever put on a military helmet. The helmets were in sad shape when received from storage, so Lt. Arcieri gave the task of painting the helmets to Jim Larimer, GSC. At that time, Olive Drab was not found on US Air Bases, so Larimer concocted a color from greys, greens and black. When shown the freshly painted helmets, Lt. Arcieri said flatly, "They're too shiny! Make them less shiny!" Being resourceful, and perhaps fed up. Larimer took the all the coffee grounds out of the 40 cup percolator and added them to the paint. Not that they came out great, but they were different.

Photo by Vic Shoepe (jgshoepe@cs.com)

George Mindling & Hank Akers

George Mindling, FC, and Hank Akers, GSC, after returning from marching in the Patton Remembrance Day Parade, Ettelbruck, Luxemburg, 1963

Len Calkins

Len Calkins - GSC
"So this is the Rhein?"

Octoberfest at the NCO Club

Octoberfest at the NCO Club.

From Left:  Vic Shoepe, GSC; Jim Morrison, Flight Controls; Chris Sappington, Flight Controls; Chuck Kennedy, GSC;
Kneeling: The future Mrs. King and Elliot Eisman. The finger belongs to R.E. Long

Tom Campbell - GSC

Tom Campbell - GSC at Shutdown, 30 April 1969

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More to Come...

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